Saturday, 31 December 2011

roll call


and two


and two

and one and two

one and two

and one and two

and one and two


one and two

one and two and

three and four

one and two and

three and four

one and two and three and four

tik tok wake up
ready or not here we come

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A conversation with Tiktok

Apologies for the lack of a Kitten Monday (AGAIN!) this week. Tiktok and I engaged in the quintessential teenage-girl activity during the holidays- a sleepover and a movie marathon.

I don't really feel comfortable calling her Tiktok. She may only be, in her own words "a shadow of what she used to be", but to me she is still Penny. She likes the same movies, the same music, still laughs at our injokes. She's still my best friend. She's Penny. the part of her she calls Penny, (or She, or Her) belongs to It. She's nothing more than a marionette now.

Speaking of Her, to Tiktok's puzzlement she has not taken the reins, as it were, for quite some time. Since she started reuploading the old posts to Time Waits, in fact. Although it's tempting to assume the best, my life hasn't really worked that way for a very long time.

I transcribed a particular conversations you lot might find interesting. It is as follows:

A: So why do you call yourself Tiktok?

T: She called me that, really. Because in the beginning all I was was the ticking. I couldn't do much else, just tick and tock and tick-tock some more. Back when she was Penny and I was nothing more than self-preservation, urging her to keep away, wake up, see Him for what he was, I was just the ticking. When she lost her identity, I gained mine. And for lack of anything else to call myself, I called myself Tiktok.

A: You've said you are to Penny what Waking!Ary is to m-

T: We're the only cases of Dreaming and Waking I know of, but I hope sincerely that-

A: You sound really weird using formal language.

T: I love you too, you're a great friend- I hope sincerely that splitting the Waking self from the Dreaming self completely to hinder Him from using you for his purposes is the worst case scenario.

A: Uh...what?

T: Okay, to put it shortly, stop referring to your Waking self as separate from yourself. She's still you. You can wake up and see things for what they really are, see things for what they really are. That's probably why the letters in your name are red when you are Awake. You're asserting, to yourself, that you are still you.

A: So Waking is basically some kind of freaky superpower?

T: Not really. From what I can see, most people who are involved Him Wake sooner or later. You're unusual in that even after Waking you still can still go back to Dreaming. That worries me.

A: So what the fuck is Waking actually?

T: It's being able to see Him. That's all. Any other differences are, well- I have this idea that it's because he doesn't belong in our reality so he fucks shit up.

A: Fair. C'mon, we prolly have time to watch another terrible musical before Mum makes us go to sleep.

Personally, I find that highly informative. Anyone have any thoughts? Other than "DONT TRUST TIKTOK". (I heard you the first time, JediZero.)

Ciao for now,

Monday, 5 December 2011

Kitten Monday #19

before I get to the good part: Tik says most (if not all) of the remaining posts on Time Waits will go up this week. okay, now that PSA is over:


(the last image is my favourite ever)

Now, if my dear followers will excuse me, I'm going to go sleep for a week.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Kitten Monday #18

fuck I am so tired

unfortunately I am too tired to do a proper kitten monday so here is a tumblr full of cats:

that should fufill your kitten needs. should make up for EVERY kitten monday I have ever missed ever. 

two things before I go and flop on the couch and watch community

1) i have seen all the the posts that used to be on penny's blog (i asked tik to show them to me) and all i can say on the matter is that i trust that tik is telling the truth although she's not quite in the clear yet

2) having a chat with her tomorrow, will transcribe it and post it asap

ciao for nwo,

Monday, 21 November 2011

the party don't start till I walk in

Um, okay, so over the weekend and today some of the old posts went up on TWFNO/Time Waits and I checked this blog and everything went absolutely nuts.

Over the past couple of days, Tiktok (yes, I did name this post that to make you mad), uploaded 10 posts, one explaining how she was going to upload the posts that used to be on Time Waits and then the first 9 chronological posts of the blog, spanning a period of time from March to April.

I admit, they were hard for me to read. Penny is -- was, perhaps -- a sister to me. if any of you out there have a friend you would honestly throw yourself in front of a bullet for, Penny is that friend to me. The thought that she is now nothing more than a marionette, manipulated to further that thing's cause...that hurts.

I feel like a bad friend, that I didn't notice this happening. I was too wrapped up in my own fucking problems to notice what was happening to her. If Tiktok is telling the truth, there's very little left of her now.

Sometimes I wonder why it even needs proxies. Certainly he's powerful enough to do whatever it is he gets his kicks from without enlisting some feeble human meat puppets.

I have a theory about that. I think It feeds on negative emotion, somehow. The purpose of proxies, of targeting people's friends and family, is to weaken people's resolve and make it easier to get into their head and kill them or proxify them as well and use them on the next victim. I don't know, it's a stupid theory and I'm probably wrong but there seems to be no other reason to act through proxies. Find a victim, get into their head, make them a proxy, use them to get to his next victim, blah blah blah.

It's a stupid idea. Maybe this is just a game to It. Just for shits and giggles. Just fucking around with peoples lives because it feels like it. Just turning people's best friends into a shell, a shadow of who they once were, for no reason. Hurting and killing and screwing peoples lives up like they don't matter.

i'm tired and sad and angry and confused and my chest hurts i've got no one to turn to, not now.

i want to cry.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Hi guys, Ary here. I'm in the midst of my year 12 exams at the moment, and they're gonna be eating my time until the 30th, so regrettably I'm gonna have to abandon this blog for the next two weeks. I promise I'll come back with a super-mega-bumper Kitten Monday and if anything untoward happens I will inform you all.

Ciao for now and much love,

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Further attempts at catching Waking!Ary on camera.

Okay, so funny story guys.

I left my webcam running from when I got up this morning to catch Waking!Ary (hopefully) on film. I woke up a little while ago. I remember going into my room, realising that the camera was on, and being...exasperated, really. Almost amused. Then I sat on the floor for a bit and then I woke up and went to check my webcam.

I found this:

I can't get it to rotate the right way up, but she left a POST-IT note tacked over my webcam saying "Nice try, Better luck next time?"

My webcam was still running. No footage of Waking!Ary, just my room then post-it note.

Well. Are you willing to co-operate or not? You can see It and I can't. I know you know something. Something about the maze of leaves, the labyrinth. the red text, the white words- hell, even Tik Tok. I want answers.

Speaking of Tik Tok, we're working on getting some posts up on Time Waits For No One. We looked at the queue and there are about twenty queued from next friday onwards. Hopefully we can get some answers.


Monday, 31 October 2011

Kitten Monday #17

Hey guys. This Kitten Monday is queued, so, uh. Yeah. Attempting to prevent what's happened the last couple of weeks. I mean, seriously. Can't I just post once-weekly pictures of cats, seriously?

I uploaded a Kitten Monday on time! 


take that, He That Is.

Ciao for now,

Friday, 28 October 2011

3 Reasons Why I Hate Waking Ary

EDIT: Audio in video unsynced, it doesn't really matter but there is a clatter at the end of the video that got cut off.

Waking-Ary has started being weird. I'm aware when I Wake, and I remember what happened and a little of what she was thinking, but her actions are getting steadily weirder.

1) She shuts off all electronic devices in the room that she can, and if she can't (at school- we have laptops at my school and Waking-Ary seems to have the smarts to realise that keeping this entire fiasco a secret is pretty imperative and hence doesn't shut down everyone else's computers as well) she gets very on-edge/nervous when they are on.
2) People keep asking if I'm sick because Waking-Ary doesn't respond when people speak to her and if she does she seems very distracted (by It, this I know for now) and I'm not sick- I feel better than I have for ages, actually. :)
3) She reacts REALLY violently to photos of me, mirrors, camera's etc. She covers the mirror in my room and, well...

When I noticed she disliked photos and mirrors and avoided cameras, I promptly left my webcam running ALL DAY on Sunday to see what would happen if I Woke up and got filmed. Static? Noise? It standing right behind me doing the macarena?

I put my head down for a second because I was tired, and Woke up in my sleep, which happens sometimes. I wake up, remember Her getting super angry, and then She went and had a staring contest with It for half an hour.

I got the footage from when I was awake, and here it is:


Friday, 21 October 2011

Fun times and other horror stories

Sorry for the lack of activity here, I went on holiday with some friends and forgot to queue a Kitten Monday. So if anyone's been worrying it's all good, honestly. I've just been chilling with Penny and all my other friends (yes, I have other friends!) at at of their beach-houses. Nothing much really happened. I Woke up at one point and Seth thought I was sick and told me to take a nap. It's fairly easy, I think, to pass Waking off as feeling tired or nauseated.

Weirdly, though, I have a clip of film on my iPod touch that I don't remember putting there. I'll upload it when I upload #two, which is coming up.

Ciao for now,

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Mystery of the FUCKING RIDICULOUS Red Text

okay. Okay okay. I read the post I made in the early hours of yesterday just now. I was Awake and absolutely shitting myself at the time so I can forgive myself for sounding like it but WHAT THE FUCK is going on with the red text?

Some of you might have noticed the punctuation in some of my posts being red- all the posts I make while Awake are done with red punctuation for some fucking stupid reason that Waking-Ary thinks is just fine and dandy but Normal-Ary is flipping the hell out cause I remember most of what happens when I Wake but I think I'd remember if I went through an entire post making the punctuation red. I guess on the upside anyone reading can tell when I'm Waking now?

What I'm pissed off about is whole lot of random letters that got reddened for some reason. I thought they might spell out a secret message, but noooooooooooooooooo, gibberish!


Oh well. Ciao for now, I guess.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

wrong way round

I was stupid not to follow my gut instinct. I shouldn't have turned around.

I didn't need to turn back- I've been walking towards the center all this time. Months. Since before I woke up. To find the way back clear, I need to go to the center of the maze.

No matter how hard and fast I run, It's always right behind me.

Ciao for now,

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Labyrinth.

I've been thinking about my Dreams. The ones I have when I sleep while I'm Waking.

There's this phrase that keeps popping into my head from nowhere whenever I'm Awake- "You must find the center in order to find the path back clear."

In my dreams, I'm walking around a labyrinth, trying to find my way out, with this constant feeling that under no circumstances should I turn around, cause I know what I see will be fucking terrifying.

To find a way out, I've got to turn back.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Kitten Monday #16

Hi guys! This Kitten Monday has been queued, so it's definitely NOT LATE!

This isn't a news post- I actually wrote this post nearly a week before it was due to be published, so it's just kittens at the moment. Sorry to anyone who was expecting news! :)

Some gifs this time, yay.

Ciao for now!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Kitten Monday #15

I've made a few discoveries about the weird black stuff I've been throwing up and a few other things that I'd actually forgotten about, but first, KITTENS.

Hehehe, awwww. Looking up these pictures always brings a smile to my face.

So, I had a look around some of the blogs for stuff on this weird black vomit and lo and behold I found some stuff.

This post from the blog The London Librarian is some actual scientific research on the "Substance". Apparently the best course of action is to burn it, which I have done. I didn't notice any explosive reaction when it came into contact with water though.

This post from the blog Exilis Veritas is some further research on the Substance, It, and some people called Proxies. I decided to read the blog's timeline (which is a supercondensed version of the blog and the other blogs associated with it, which is good since there is another blog you need to read to have any idea what's going on starting from about February onwards) to see if it had any other info and I discovered several things

1) The authors live in the same country- the same CITY, even- as me. This was kinda exciting for a while because they're veterans, they'd know what to do, they'd be able to help me, but (spoilers!) two are mindwiped, a third is dead, and another is...unaccounted for.
2) The blog, in the last couple of months, uses the phrase "try to believe" (which I got a note saying a little while ago) quite heavily. The one remaining blogger is a guy who apparently has the means to wipe minds. I'm going to really be on the lookout for guys in weird masks from now on.

Sigh. Is it a sign of how bizarre my life has become that I'm actually not too phased by all this?

Ciao for now,

[Edit: Tiktok really doesn't like it when you sing Ke$ha at her.]

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Waking Dreamer

Note: If you read nothing else in this entry, PLEASE read the last paragraph. I need help with this.)

I'm really sorry I've been so incoherent lately. It's been...pretty weird for me recently. I've slept very little (maybe six hours a night at the absolute most) since I Woke up, and sometimes I have these periods where I'm not just awake but Awake.

Waking is weird. You know how when you're in a dream everything seems a little bit fragmented or disjointed, like it doesn't quite make sense? Being Awake is like that. It's kinda like the White Text Story. I still don't know where the hell that came from, it hasn't happened again, but being Awake is like that.

It doesn't happen often (once every three days or so), and it never lasts long. Usually at night, or in daylight when I'm alone, for less than an hour. It's the only time I can see It. Otherwise I can't see It at all, not while awake anyway.

I can't fall asleep while I'm Awake. Well, I can, but it's really difficult, and if I do I dream about being chased through a maze by...something...probably It. It's always right behind me, and I never have the courage to turn around. And then when I wake up I feel nauseous and end up scrambling to the bathroom and throwing up weird black stuff.

On the upside, if I fall asleep normally, I don't Dream. I dream, but they're normal. The concerning thing is, I think It might still be there, standing in the garden next to the rope swing I used to play on as a kid, staring at me. And unless I'm Awake, I can't even see it.

Tik Tok was right when she said I had to Wake up. I just panicked when I did. It's been right there for who knows how long- since this started? Since before? Did I name this blog "Wakingdream" as a subconscious thing?

Where the fuck do I go from here...

First order of business? The throwing up black stuff. I know there are other bloggers out there, somebody has to know what's up with this and if possible how I can get rid of it safely since just flushing it down the toilet seems a tad risky. I'm gonna comb through the blogs tonight to see if I can find anything- if anybody finds anything or knows where I can find information, PLEASE tell me!

Ciao for now,

(P.S. I promise Kitten Monday will be on time tomorrow, and from then onwards I'm going to start queuing them, so yeah.)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

the camera doesn't lie

the camera doesn't lie

the camera doesn't lie

it's not there

it's not there.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

waking up

can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me

can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me

can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me

can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me

can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me
can't sleep minotaur will eat me


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i should never have woken up

Monday, 12 September 2011

Kitten Monday #14

Hi guys! Thought I might upload a Kitten Monday ON AN ACTUAL MONDAY FOR ONCE ahahahahaha I'm so funny. I'm about halfway through my folder of kitten pictures, so I still have a while before I'll need to "restock".

I keep losing time, just little spots of twenty minutes at the longest. It's happened at school and while I'm trying to study at home. According to my family and Penny I just sit there and don't do anything, which ought to be reassuring but instead is just making me nervous. I still haven't figured out what was with the weird text with the white background in my last post is about either. It's all talking about mazes and leaves...har har, geniuses, I KNOW my name is Ariadne. Talking about LABYRINTHS? Oh MAN, that's original.


I can't sleep properly at the moment, either- I just get little snatches or catnaps, which is kind of unhelpful since I am in the middle of my mock/practice exams. I'm kinda worried about my marfv


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kitten Monday #13

Awright, Kittens first, update on Waking afterwards.

Okay, so I went off my meds on Monday. Went to sleep expecting some kind of huge thing to happen. Like a nightmare or an epic battle in the centre of my mind or some shit.

I had a dream about a maze made out of a forest, branches interlocking to form a Labyrinth, and I knew the way out and I was running towards the exit for ages and ages and ages, and when I woke up I promptly hurled weird black stuff. That's all.

Have I woken up?

I don't know, I don't feel any different. I've had normal dreams and stuff, and I don't feel ti

I am princess of leaves and run until I cannot see them, just walls and run and run until I am walking through my lungs, setting my lifeline, it's keeping me and no matter what, I am going.
I can hear birds and run until I collapse, feeling it reach out and still I am following the ground in front of leaves and run and small animals but I am going.
I am going.
I am following the omega, it reach out and still I run and tell myself not to run, dragging deep breaths through my lungs, setting my lungs, setting my veins on fire.
My legs start to run, dragging deep breaths through a maze, a forcefield.
I cannot see them, just walls and run and find me, and small animals but I am walking through a maze, a forcefield.
I am princess of the maze.
I breathe deep, and the end, the end, the alpha and run until I am princess of me.
I don't turn around.

...What the actual fuck.

Okay, comment: is it Princess of the Maze (obvs reference to the Ariadne of Classical mythology, c'mon) or Princess of Leaves and what the hell does "run until I am princess of me" mean?"

"a maze, a forcefield"? okay, what? and how can one walk through their lungs?

I don't understand. I really don't.


Monday, 5 September 2011


I figured it out.

I figured out how to wake up

To wake up you have to go to sleep! I get it now! The only way you can "wake up" is from sleep. Real sleep, not what I'm getting now with the medication. Proper sleep. I 

I was looking at the drawings I posted photos of earlier, and it says "Only the sleeping can wake" and that's how I figured it out. I can't believe I didn't realise it beforehand...

I'll post a Kitten Monday tomorrow, on Tuesday. I would post one now but I'm meant to be studying so I only have time for one short post, but I promise you all, Kittens tomorrow. I won't go back on my word!

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kitten Monday #12

Kitten Monday keeps being late. Why don't I just make it Kitten Wednesday or something and have done with it? Jeez.

Here, have some kitten pictures. Gifs this time, to make up for the lack of a Kitten Monday last week and the lateness of this one.

In other news, the reason for this entry's lateness- while I was writing the post that was originally going to be this week's Kitten Monday, I was also conducting an experiment with Penny. Tiktok has this thing for destroying anything that makes a ticking noise, but we've never actually seen her do it, so I had Penny over for a study session after school on Monday and assembled an assortment of cheap shitty analogue clocks I got at a dollar store, a metronome, and a tape of a ticking noise. My transcript of her response:

(I leave Penny next to the clocks and metronome, place the tape in my antiquated CD player and start it.)

A: Ready to go?

P: Yup...

(Silence for about five minutes. Penny picks a up a clock.)

A: What're you doing?

P: Time's wrong.

A: Yeah, they're all wrong, I couldn't be bothered setting them all.

(P nods and keeps fiddling with the clock)

P: The time's still wrong...

A: Well, fix it.

P: I can't.

A: Why not? It's 5.17 if you want the time.

P: It's wrong.

A: Yeah, my watch is fast, so it's really closer to 5.15.

P: (prises the back off the clock and begins pulling it apart) That's wrong, too.

A: ...maybe 5.14?

P: *visibly agitated, keeps pulling the clock apart* What am I thinking? Time's irrelevant, now. Not matter what time it is, there still isn't enough time left.

A: Enough time left to what?

P: *finishes dismantling the clock, moves onto another* Time waits for no one, Ariadne. You need to wake up soon. You've wasted enough time asleep.

A: I'm awake.

P: *discards second clock, half-dismantled, and picks up a third, absentmindedly fiddling with the hands* You're awake, but you haven't woken up, and you need to. There isn't much time left, and if you're asleep when it runs out...

A: What will happen?

P: He's already in your head, Ary. *puts down clock, removed tape from player and begins to pull it apart* You need to get out of the nightmare before it leaks out into the waking world, too. Tick, tock, time is running out.

A: can I wake up?

P: I would have told you myself if I could.

A: Okay, well, thanks for the help.

P: Help with what?

A: You know, that whole explaining why you're talking about time thing.

P: ...what? I don't remember...

A: Well, shit a brick.

In short, I had a conversation with Tiktok, who apart from being fucking cryptic and unnaturally calm, is almost indistinguishable from my best friend. Great, just great. At least things are a little clearer now...barely.

Ciao for now, 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The mystery of the note that never was

Sorry guys, no kitten monday this week. First, I've had to start braving the Dreams and getting more than a few hours sleep per night because mock examinations are coming up, and although I'm less tired it means I'm getting disoriented and cranky all the time.

Second is about the notes.

First: I tried to photograph one of the notes (one of the WAKE UP ones, not in my handwriting) to show you guys in the weekend. Result:
What the fuck?
Notes from Tiktok appear to be just fine and one of the notes from whom I don't know the sender is also fine. Actually, while I'm on that topic, does anyone know the significance of the phrase "Try to believe"? I got a couple of notes with that written on it and I don't think they're from Tiktok or the same person as the "wake up" notes. Does anybody know?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kitten Monday #11

LATE AGAIN. IT KEEPS HAPPENING. Sorry guys, I really haven't got my head in the game at the moment. I'm tired, I'm distracted, and I am seriously considering filming myself sleeping again just so I can catch whatever made me write all over my desk pad in the act.

Fuck this. Time for some kittens. And bunnies and puppies and other things that are cute. I need to take my mind off the fact that I may end up like Penny and Tiktok in the near future, which is an incredibly unsettling thought.

Understatement of the century...


kittens kittens kittens.

While I'm posting, I got a weird note in my locker today. It wasn't from Tiktok (wrong handwriting) and the single sentence on it wasn't something I'd normally get in one of her notes. I'm going to run a few google searches and get back to you guys if I find anything.

Ciao for now,

Saturday, 6 August 2011

what the fuck is this

I have this pad of paper on my desk. It's A2 size and I doodle on it and leave notes to myself and stuff. I woke up this morning and found writing almost covering it. A few points to start on before I show you the image

1. Most if the text is some variant on "wake up".
2. There are also occurrences of "tik tok", "time is running out", "the dreamer must wake" pictures of clocks, one drawing of a person sleeping, the roman numeral II, a picture of our faceless friend, "only the blind can see, only the sleeping can truly wake", and the title of my blog.
3. It's all in my handwriting. All of it.
4. Fuck my life up the ass with an assortment of rusty garden tools.
5. And a chainsaw.

Photos, for the curious:


Looks like I'm fucked. Not even the inside of my own head is safe anymore. I can't even trust myself?

I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I've read the other blogs, blogs about people fighting- there was even a blog in my area, manned by two fighters but they don't remember now, and I'm glad for them, but the fact is I'm a scrawny high school girl who can't even run the cross country without wanting to collapse right afterwards. And running is not an option. I'm sixteen, I'll either be alone or with Penny, and there are dodgy people out there. 

I don't know what to do. I just want this all to be a nightmare.

Please, please let it be a nightmare.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kitten Monday #10

Just, ignore that it's actually Wednesday. Dreaming again is messing with my head and it's getting harder to keep track of time and space and where and when I am. I've been trying to get Penny to upload the remaining posts on her blog, but she apparently deleted the entire thing back in June and Tiktok has been reuploading them sporadically. Where she has the posts cached, we don't know. No idea if we can get her to hurry up about that. Hopefully, yes. I've managed to get bits the full story of what happened to Penny out of the girl herself but we need those blog posts to fill in the gaps in her memory.

Now, for kittens. Kittens kittens kittens.

Okay, poll time here. How many of you are just here for the kittens?

Hehehe. All of you, I'd imagine. Now, it's nearly 11 and I need to sleep, so I'm closing this update off now, apart from one more thing.

To the person who left the "TRY TO BELIEVE" graffiti on the fence- thank you. Although it's worrying that you know where I live.

Ciao for now,

Friday, 29 July 2011


Welp. Guess who's been an incredibly stupid and foolish person as well as an incredibly shitty friend?

Me, in case that wasn't already clear.

Okay, so first order of the day is that I now know precisely who Tiktok is. She is still a wild card in the sense that we're not sure what side she's on and what she's trying to do, but I know who she is.

It started like this. A few days after my last post, somebody started trying to get into the house. Our front door is kept secure by a chain at night, so even if someone has a key into the house unless we're expecting them and hence leave the chain off they can't get in. When I got up in the morning and went to get the newspaper, the door would be open. The chain would still be on so it would be three or four centimetres open at best, but open none the less. Whoever it was, they had a key, which concerned me, so after a week of this I set a trap for them via leaving the chain off and standing in the hall with a kitchen knife. In hindsight, probably not that smart, seeing as I have no idea how to defend myself other than "kick it in the crotch", but yeah.

I sat there until about 1am, when I heard a key rattle in the lock, got up, and the door swung open, and there she was, standing there staring vacantly ahead, swaying slightly on the spot. Tiktok.

Also known as Penny. Also also known as my best friend.



You can imagine my reaction. She just stood and stared for a bit, then said "You need to wake up.", then she kind of...snapped out of it I guess. One minute Tiktok was standing there, next she was my best friend again.

She looked so upset and scared and I feel like such a shitty best friend. First for getting yanked into this, so she has me to worry about as well, second for not noticing that anything was wrong because I was so wrapped up in my own shitty problems...just in general I feel frigging shitty.

Neither Penny nor I know if Tiktok is friend or foe. Penny is an ally, I'm pretty sure of it, but we're not sure about Tiktok since it's almost impossible to actually communicate with her voluntarily. All we really know about her is that she really hates anything that makes a ticking noise. Really. Hates. She also calls me "Dreamer" and tells me I need to wake up an awful lot. We have no idea what she's on about- any ideas?

So between that little revelation, the fact that I went away for a week, and everything else, I haven't been able to update this blog. It wasn't until Tuesday, when I started Dreaming again, that I remembered this thing even existed. Sorry if I made anyone worry.

Ciao for now.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Kitten Monday #9


Unfortunately the computer I keep all my kittenpictures on is away getting repaired and I did not have the foresight to put them on a USB stick. Fortunately, I have a video (or two) for you all this time!

Click here!

And here!

I'll retrieve the notes (there are three) from my locker tomorrow night or Wednesday and either scan or photograph them to upload sometime before the weekend. I honestly have no idea what the crap the sender is trying to tell me because all I'm getting out of them is "BLUH BLUH CRYPTIC BULLSHIT". if you're trying to warn me, mystery admirer, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do so in a way I can understand!

Ciao for now,

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Got some really weird notes in my locker at school. I think they might be from Tiktok. There's none of her usual tiktoktiktoktiktoktiktok shtick though, so I do wonder if they're from somebody else.

I'll photograph them for you guys later this week, kay?

Ciao for now,

Monday, 20 June 2011

Kitten Monday #8

welp. This is embarrassing. Like, really embarrassing.

Okay, so the day "stop" was posted was the day I had an absolute freak out, utterly flipped my shit, sleep deprived teenage girl seeing things all up the wazoo. Good news is that I'm okay. Mum took me to the doctor sunday and got me on some kind of herbal remedy which seems to have stopped me Dreaming for now. I dream but I don't Dream. See that capital letter? Gonna use it to distinguish between regular dreams (which I seem to be having now...) from the insane one.

Bad news is that I don't know if what I was freaking out over actually happened. I could have just gone crazy after a week solid on 3 hours per night.

Okay okay I know you guys aren't here for my sleep problems, you're here for the kittens. Here ya go:

Haven't heard from Tiktok in over a week. I hope she's okay. Cryptic as shit she may be but it's still a person running that blog.

Saturday, 18 June 2011


the walls and ceiling aren't where they ought to be, they're in all wrong directions and I can't stand up anymore

I tihnk I m a de him mad

he w a nts me to sl ee p

can t


w a ke

Monday, 13 June 2011

Kitten Monday #7

Hello folks. It's that time of week again...


I've got maybe nine hours sleep total over the past three days. I don't know what's going on with that dream but it's making me feel drained even if I do sleep- I almost feel better now, and I'm bloody tired.

I can't go on like this forever though. There's only so long I can run on two or three hours of sleep per night. What do I do then? I can't tell my parents or the school counsellor about this crap, it'll just drag them in too.

There's part of me that still believes I'm being stupid and this can't be real. I want to listen to that part, I really do.

Ciao for now.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bloody hell.

First: new Tiktok post. She's actually coherent in this one. Something about destroying clocks. Anyone noticing a pattern here? Tik tok tik tok lots of clocks. Broken clocks, even.

Second: I think I made It mad. Last night, my dream was at school, and I was running through the corridors and up and down the stairs because I was late for something and It was always there, just standing there, making all the angles of the floors and walls and ceiling all wrong and fucking up the stairs so I couldn't just walk up them, I had to scramble up over them using my hands so I wouldn't fall.

I'm scared to go back to sleep because I know It will be waiting for me.

Ciao for now.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Kitten Monday #6

EDIT: I should probably link the Tiktok post, amirite? :D

It's rather late (well, still monday, but very late on a monday) but nevertheless, before I get onto the weird shit here is Kitten Monday (complete with a gif to make up for the lateness.)

Two weird things:

1) New Tiktok post. The timestamp on this one is back in April, weirdly enough. Out of chronological order. Tiktok seems a lot more coherent in this one, which is a plus, although it's still utterly out of context. The hell?

2) I did the filming-myself sleeping thing. I'd show you some of the footage, but it's literally about eight hours of nothing. I was actually certain that there was something freaky going on, and from what research I have done He is a total camwhore, but seriously nothing. I...I guess I was just being paranoid about nothing, right? I still had the weird dreams and all, but I had the camera in such a place that I could see almost the whole room when I reviewed the footage and...well...zilch.

Oh well. It's kinda late, I should go to sleep. Ciao for now, all.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

What the hell?

Okay, so yesterday I got a weird comment on this weeks Kitten Monday from somebody called Tiktok. So I went and I took a look at the blog and the only post there was this one, dated a few weeks ago. What's confusing is that it's obviously not the first post. It's totally out of context.

I've decided to try an experiment. Something to figure out if I'm just being paranoid or if there's something going on once and for all. I'm going to film myself sleeping and see what happens. Wish me luck!

In other, sillier news, I was doing my Classics homework last night and without warning one of my cats shoots into the room, skids to a halt just short of hitting the wall, gives me a might funny look and then runs out into the hall and tries to run out the front door, which is shut.

My reaction:

If that gif doesn't move I will kill something with a tray.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Kitten Monday #5

I have just realised something absolutely horrifying. A prospect so horrible it makes me ill just considering it.

...What if I run out of kitten pictures?

I think I might cry.

I keep dreaming. I wouldn't say they're scary dreams, not conventionally at least, but there's always this wrongness about them, like things aren't the way they're supposed to be. I was dreaming about being at school and my classmates and teachers looked more like living dolls than people. Just little things like that. I'm not sure what to make of it.

I keep getting the feeling I have a right to be paranoid.

Ciao for now,

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Vlog Entry #1

I'm probably just being stupid, but that this has happened right now and in the way that it has makes me more paranoid than I have a right to be. I know I'm just being stupid but I still have this uneasiness niggling at the back of my mind. Hopefully I'll stop freaking out over creepypasta soon, because it's just plain embarassing.

it's just a dream, right? i'm just dreaming.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Kitten Monday #4

it keeps happening!

Enjoy your kittens, peeps.

I haven't been sleeping too well lately. I think I've been reading too much creepypasta, because I'm kinda paranoid about going to sleep. I finally got to see the first episode of season 6 of Doctor Who, and those alien things really freaked the hell out of me. I mean, an enemy that you forget as soon as you look away? Paranoia fuel incarnate. It kinda reminded me of this massive set of creepypasta blogs I found on TVTropes last year sometime. I wonder if the writers had seen them? 

Meh. i guess I'll just go to sleep early tomorrow, try and catch up on what I've lost. I need the energy. Ciao for now!