Monday, 31 October 2011

Kitten Monday #17

Hey guys. This Kitten Monday is queued, so, uh. Yeah. Attempting to prevent what's happened the last couple of weeks. I mean, seriously. Can't I just post once-weekly pictures of cats, seriously?

I uploaded a Kitten Monday on time! 


take that, He That Is.

Ciao for now,

Friday, 28 October 2011

3 Reasons Why I Hate Waking Ary

EDIT: Audio in video unsynced, it doesn't really matter but there is a clatter at the end of the video that got cut off.

Waking-Ary has started being weird. I'm aware when I Wake, and I remember what happened and a little of what she was thinking, but her actions are getting steadily weirder.

1) She shuts off all electronic devices in the room that she can, and if she can't (at school- we have laptops at my school and Waking-Ary seems to have the smarts to realise that keeping this entire fiasco a secret is pretty imperative and hence doesn't shut down everyone else's computers as well) she gets very on-edge/nervous when they are on.
2) People keep asking if I'm sick because Waking-Ary doesn't respond when people speak to her and if she does she seems very distracted (by It, this I know for now) and I'm not sick- I feel better than I have for ages, actually. :)
3) She reacts REALLY violently to photos of me, mirrors, camera's etc. She covers the mirror in my room and, well...

When I noticed she disliked photos and mirrors and avoided cameras, I promptly left my webcam running ALL DAY on Sunday to see what would happen if I Woke up and got filmed. Static? Noise? It standing right behind me doing the macarena?

I put my head down for a second because I was tired, and Woke up in my sleep, which happens sometimes. I wake up, remember Her getting super angry, and then She went and had a staring contest with It for half an hour.

I got the footage from when I was awake, and here it is:


Friday, 21 October 2011

Fun times and other horror stories

Sorry for the lack of activity here, I went on holiday with some friends and forgot to queue a Kitten Monday. So if anyone's been worrying it's all good, honestly. I've just been chilling with Penny and all my other friends (yes, I have other friends!) at at of their beach-houses. Nothing much really happened. I Woke up at one point and Seth thought I was sick and told me to take a nap. It's fairly easy, I think, to pass Waking off as feeling tired or nauseated.

Weirdly, though, I have a clip of film on my iPod touch that I don't remember putting there. I'll upload it when I upload #two, which is coming up.

Ciao for now,

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Mystery of the FUCKING RIDICULOUS Red Text

okay. Okay okay. I read the post I made in the early hours of yesterday just now. I was Awake and absolutely shitting myself at the time so I can forgive myself for sounding like it but WHAT THE FUCK is going on with the red text?

Some of you might have noticed the punctuation in some of my posts being red- all the posts I make while Awake are done with red punctuation for some fucking stupid reason that Waking-Ary thinks is just fine and dandy but Normal-Ary is flipping the hell out cause I remember most of what happens when I Wake but I think I'd remember if I went through an entire post making the punctuation red. I guess on the upside anyone reading can tell when I'm Waking now?

What I'm pissed off about is whole lot of random letters that got reddened for some reason. I thought they might spell out a secret message, but noooooooooooooooooo, gibberish!


Oh well. Ciao for now, I guess.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

wrong way round

I was stupid not to follow my gut instinct. I shouldn't have turned around.

I didn't need to turn back- I've been walking towards the center all this time. Months. Since before I woke up. To find the way back clear, I need to go to the center of the maze.

No matter how hard and fast I run, It's always right behind me.

Ciao for now,

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Labyrinth.

I've been thinking about my Dreams. The ones I have when I sleep while I'm Waking.

There's this phrase that keeps popping into my head from nowhere whenever I'm Awake- "You must find the center in order to find the path back clear."

In my dreams, I'm walking around a labyrinth, trying to find my way out, with this constant feeling that under no circumstances should I turn around, cause I know what I see will be fucking terrifying.

To find a way out, I've got to turn back.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Kitten Monday #16

Hi guys! This Kitten Monday has been queued, so it's definitely NOT LATE!

This isn't a news post- I actually wrote this post nearly a week before it was due to be published, so it's just kittens at the moment. Sorry to anyone who was expecting news! :)

Some gifs this time, yay.

Ciao for now!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Kitten Monday #15

I've made a few discoveries about the weird black stuff I've been throwing up and a few other things that I'd actually forgotten about, but first, KITTENS.

Hehehe, awwww. Looking up these pictures always brings a smile to my face.

So, I had a look around some of the blogs for stuff on this weird black vomit and lo and behold I found some stuff.

This post from the blog The London Librarian is some actual scientific research on the "Substance". Apparently the best course of action is to burn it, which I have done. I didn't notice any explosive reaction when it came into contact with water though.

This post from the blog Exilis Veritas is some further research on the Substance, It, and some people called Proxies. I decided to read the blog's timeline (which is a supercondensed version of the blog and the other blogs associated with it, which is good since there is another blog you need to read to have any idea what's going on starting from about February onwards) to see if it had any other info and I discovered several things

1) The authors live in the same country- the same CITY, even- as me. This was kinda exciting for a while because they're veterans, they'd know what to do, they'd be able to help me, but (spoilers!) two are mindwiped, a third is dead, and another is...unaccounted for.
2) The blog, in the last couple of months, uses the phrase "try to believe" (which I got a note saying a little while ago) quite heavily. The one remaining blogger is a guy who apparently has the means to wipe minds. I'm going to really be on the lookout for guys in weird masks from now on.

Sigh. Is it a sign of how bizarre my life has become that I'm actually not too phased by all this?

Ciao for now,

[Edit: Tiktok really doesn't like it when you sing Ke$ha at her.]

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Waking Dreamer

Note: If you read nothing else in this entry, PLEASE read the last paragraph. I need help with this.)

I'm really sorry I've been so incoherent lately. It's been...pretty weird for me recently. I've slept very little (maybe six hours a night at the absolute most) since I Woke up, and sometimes I have these periods where I'm not just awake but Awake.

Waking is weird. You know how when you're in a dream everything seems a little bit fragmented or disjointed, like it doesn't quite make sense? Being Awake is like that. It's kinda like the White Text Story. I still don't know where the hell that came from, it hasn't happened again, but being Awake is like that.

It doesn't happen often (once every three days or so), and it never lasts long. Usually at night, or in daylight when I'm alone, for less than an hour. It's the only time I can see It. Otherwise I can't see It at all, not while awake anyway.

I can't fall asleep while I'm Awake. Well, I can, but it's really difficult, and if I do I dream about being chased through a maze by...something...probably It. It's always right behind me, and I never have the courage to turn around. And then when I wake up I feel nauseous and end up scrambling to the bathroom and throwing up weird black stuff.

On the upside, if I fall asleep normally, I don't Dream. I dream, but they're normal. The concerning thing is, I think It might still be there, standing in the garden next to the rope swing I used to play on as a kid, staring at me. And unless I'm Awake, I can't even see it.

Tik Tok was right when she said I had to Wake up. I just panicked when I did. It's been right there for who knows how long- since this started? Since before? Did I name this blog "Wakingdream" as a subconscious thing?

Where the fuck do I go from here...

First order of business? The throwing up black stuff. I know there are other bloggers out there, somebody has to know what's up with this and if possible how I can get rid of it safely since just flushing it down the toilet seems a tad risky. I'm gonna comb through the blogs tonight to see if I can find anything- if anybody finds anything or knows where I can find information, PLEASE tell me!

Ciao for now,

(P.S. I promise Kitten Monday will be on time tomorrow, and from then onwards I'm going to start queuing them, so yeah.)