Monday, 30 January 2012

Kitten Monday #23

(Update on sleeping: I certainly feel a lot sharper than I did before, but otherwise not much change. I'll let you all know if anything happens)

Now, kittens!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you an epiphany.

I've been avoiding sleeping all this time, and everything went to shit and I had about four nervous breakdowns and it sucked.

I still don't sleep as much as I should, which is probably why I'm, in my own words, "dopey". I'm tired.

I need to sleep.

I need to Dream.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Interesting theory

Okay, so a week or so ago JediZero over at Stella is Gone posted this really interesting theory- certainly explains why there are differences between each person's perception of the Slender man.

I would have pointed you to it, but when I'm Dreaming I'm too fucking dopey to think these things are important. I'm kinda jealous of people who Wake normally, to be honest-- I think this constant toggling between Dreaming and Waking is having side effects, as it were. I'm getting headaches like nobody's business and I can't seem to get enough sleep. At least I'm the same person whether I'm Awake or Dreaming. Except I'm stupider Dreaming, which is a little understandable because He is always there and knowing he is there but not precisely where is...well, disconcerting is the understatement of the fucking year right there.

I could climb into bed and sleep forever if it weren't for the dreams. The labyrinth. I was gonna highlight that in white (I highlighted certain words in white for a while but I got sick of it and stopped) but unless I want to get mistaken for a shitty proxy I should really be more straightforward. I didn't want to set myself apart from myself when I'm Dreaming, see, because we ARE the same person (difference: I can see Him and I swear a hell of a lot more. That is it.) and the last thing I need is a Penny/Tik-style split. But in retrospect if I'd addressed all this beforehand maybe I would be in a better situation now?

Fuck my life.


Monday, 9 January 2012

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kitten Monday #20

hahaha whoops. I queued a months worth of Kitten Mondays on sunday, except for this monday.

sorry guys, kitten tuesday time.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


I feel kinda stupid now. Apologies for the lack of updates, I got very sick in the week leading up to christmas (literally, I couldn't keep any food down, ehehe) and then we went away on the 24th, and we got back yesterday. I had intended to queue some Kitten Mondays but due to my illness I forgot.

After this post, I will commence to queue a months worth of Kitten Mondays.

But back to the matter at hand. Yesterday, a post, presumably by me during one of my Waking periods, appeared on this blog and it is utterly cryptic.

 I only dimly remember being Awake that day, and it took me quite some time to remember that I had been awake at all. (Tik thought that by "awake" I meant physically awake instead of Awake, which is why she made that comment about being asleep at 2 in the afternoon) Although I remember having a staring contest with It for quite a while, and being quite...angry with it, I don't remember writing that post. I think I slammed the window at some point, and I might have yelled at it for a bit, but I don't remember posting on the blog and the whole "one and two and three and four" thing is just pissing me off because I don't understand it.

By the way, the girl speaking to me in this video (who also appears at the end) is Tik, in case you didn't realise.

Ciao for now,