Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kitten Monday #12

Kitten Monday keeps being late. Why don't I just make it Kitten Wednesday or something and have done with it? Jeez.

Here, have some kitten pictures. Gifs this time, to make up for the lack of a Kitten Monday last week and the lateness of this one.

In other news, the reason for this entry's lateness- while I was writing the post that was originally going to be this week's Kitten Monday, I was also conducting an experiment with Penny. Tiktok has this thing for destroying anything that makes a ticking noise, but we've never actually seen her do it, so I had Penny over for a study session after school on Monday and assembled an assortment of cheap shitty analogue clocks I got at a dollar store, a metronome, and a tape of a ticking noise. My transcript of her response:

(I leave Penny next to the clocks and metronome, place the tape in my antiquated CD player and start it.)

A: Ready to go?

P: Yup...

(Silence for about five minutes. Penny picks a up a clock.)

A: What're you doing?

P: Time's wrong.

A: Yeah, they're all wrong, I couldn't be bothered setting them all.

(P nods and keeps fiddling with the clock)

P: The time's still wrong...

A: Well, fix it.

P: I can't.

A: Why not? It's 5.17 if you want the time.

P: It's wrong.

A: Yeah, my watch is fast, so it's really closer to 5.15.

P: (prises the back off the clock and begins pulling it apart) That's wrong, too.

A: ...maybe 5.14?

P: *visibly agitated, keeps pulling the clock apart* What am I thinking? Time's irrelevant, now. Not matter what time it is, there still isn't enough time left.

A: Enough time left to what?

P: *finishes dismantling the clock, moves onto another* Time waits for no one, Ariadne. You need to wake up soon. You've wasted enough time asleep.

A: I'm awake.

P: *discards second clock, half-dismantled, and picks up a third, absentmindedly fiddling with the hands* You're awake, but you haven't woken up, and you need to. There isn't much time left, and if you're asleep when it runs out...

A: What will happen?

P: He's already in your head, Ary. *puts down clock, removed tape from player and begins to pull it apart* You need to get out of the nightmare before it leaks out into the waking world, too. Tick, tock, time is running out.

A: can I wake up?

P: I would have told you myself if I could.

A: Okay, well, thanks for the help.

P: Help with what?

A: You know, that whole explaining why you're talking about time thing.

P: ...what? I don't remember...

A: Well, shit a brick.

In short, I had a conversation with Tiktok, who apart from being fucking cryptic and unnaturally calm, is almost indistinguishable from my best friend. Great, just great. At least things are a little clearer now...barely.

Ciao for now, 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The mystery of the note that never was

Sorry guys, no kitten monday this week. First, I've had to start braving the Dreams and getting more than a few hours sleep per night because mock examinations are coming up, and although I'm less tired it means I'm getting disoriented and cranky all the time.

Second is about the notes.

First: I tried to photograph one of the notes (one of the WAKE UP ones, not in my handwriting) to show you guys in the weekend. Result:
What the fuck?
Notes from Tiktok appear to be just fine and one of the notes from whom I don't know the sender is also fine. Actually, while I'm on that topic, does anyone know the significance of the phrase "Try to believe"? I got a couple of notes with that written on it and I don't think they're from Tiktok or the same person as the "wake up" notes. Does anybody know?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kitten Monday #11

LATE AGAIN. IT KEEPS HAPPENING. Sorry guys, I really haven't got my head in the game at the moment. I'm tired, I'm distracted, and I am seriously considering filming myself sleeping again just so I can catch whatever made me write all over my desk pad in the act.

Fuck this. Time for some kittens. And bunnies and puppies and other things that are cute. I need to take my mind off the fact that I may end up like Penny and Tiktok in the near future, which is an incredibly unsettling thought.

Understatement of the century...


kittens kittens kittens.

While I'm posting, I got a weird note in my locker today. It wasn't from Tiktok (wrong handwriting) and the single sentence on it wasn't something I'd normally get in one of her notes. I'm going to run a few google searches and get back to you guys if I find anything.

Ciao for now,

Saturday, 6 August 2011

what the fuck is this

I have this pad of paper on my desk. It's A2 size and I doodle on it and leave notes to myself and stuff. I woke up this morning and found writing almost covering it. A few points to start on before I show you the image

1. Most if the text is some variant on "wake up".
2. There are also occurrences of "tik tok", "time is running out", "the dreamer must wake" pictures of clocks, one drawing of a person sleeping, the roman numeral II, a picture of our faceless friend, "only the blind can see, only the sleeping can truly wake", and the title of my blog.
3. It's all in my handwriting. All of it.
4. Fuck my life up the ass with an assortment of rusty garden tools.
5. And a chainsaw.

Photos, for the curious:


Looks like I'm fucked. Not even the inside of my own head is safe anymore. I can't even trust myself?

I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I've read the other blogs, blogs about people fighting- there was even a blog in my area, manned by two fighters but they don't remember now, and I'm glad for them, but the fact is I'm a scrawny high school girl who can't even run the cross country without wanting to collapse right afterwards. And running is not an option. I'm sixteen, I'll either be alone or with Penny, and there are dodgy people out there. 

I don't know what to do. I just want this all to be a nightmare.

Please, please let it be a nightmare.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kitten Monday #10

Just, ignore that it's actually Wednesday. Dreaming again is messing with my head and it's getting harder to keep track of time and space and where and when I am. I've been trying to get Penny to upload the remaining posts on her blog, but she apparently deleted the entire thing back in June and Tiktok has been reuploading them sporadically. Where she has the posts cached, we don't know. No idea if we can get her to hurry up about that. Hopefully, yes. I've managed to get bits the full story of what happened to Penny out of the girl herself but we need those blog posts to fill in the gaps in her memory.

Now, for kittens. Kittens kittens kittens.

Okay, poll time here. How many of you are just here for the kittens?

Hehehe. All of you, I'd imagine. Now, it's nearly 11 and I need to sleep, so I'm closing this update off now, apart from one more thing.

To the person who left the "TRY TO BELIEVE" graffiti on the fence- thank you. Although it's worrying that you know where I live.

Ciao for now,